Employee Management Portal

Employee Management Portal

This Employee Management Portal is people-focused and flexible talent management software best for visionary companies. Based on best practices,our simple approach to performance management and much more is proven to improve employee Management.

Here are some steps to know the System

Step 1: Sign Up Account.

In this step Employee will fill his information to register  and maintain credentials for future references.

Step 2: Login  Account.

After sign up , Employee can login in this portal by given information in sign up form.


Step 3: Credential Form

Employee reach the Credential form By menu bar, In this Page user can Maintain the credential of our Salesforce account and Social accounts .


Step 4: Documents Page.

Employee reach the Documents Page by menu bar, In this Page Employee submit the Documents related to education, Identification  and work experience .

Step 5: Education Section 

In this Section Employee submit our Educational certificates like as 
High School,Higher Secondary,Graduation etc.

 Step 6: Employee Detail Page

Here Employee can see his full Information and download as a PDF Format

Step 7: Personal Page

After Login Employee Reach to Home Page , In this Page Employee can reach to Every page and Maintain related Information

Step 8: Profile page.

In profile page Employee can see his related Information .

Step 9: Work Experience

In this section Employee can add his work experience and maintain .

Step 10: Contact Us

By this Employee can contact to Support for needy Information.

Portal Link :- https://softmain92-developer-edition.ap4.force.com/

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